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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse


 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Parent's Guide 


A Parents Guide: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum: Grades k-12

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A Parent's Guide (2nd Edition)


Table of Contents

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Parent's GuideIntroduction

Child Protection Is a Lifelong Task

Break The Code of Silence

What Is Child Sexual Abuse?

Who Are the Pedophiles?
Who Are the Ephebophiles?

What Methods Are Used by Child Sexual Abusers to Select Their Victims?

How Do Sexual Abusers Attract Their Victims?

Common Grooming Techniques of the Child Sexual Abuser

What Are Some Signs of Child Sexual Abuse?

What Can Parents Do to Keep Their Children Safe from Sexual Abuse?

Internet Safety

Building Children's Self-Esteem

True or False

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