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 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Parent's Guide 


A Parents Guide: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum: Grades k-12

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Parents - Talk with your children about sexual abuseThe Course of Study Curriculum addresses, on an age-appropriate level, the incurable psychosexual illness know as pedophilia. The techniques and lures used to gain the friendship and trust of potential child victims are emphasized. Children are taught to be their own first line of defense through knowledge and right choices. Classroom discussions and activities emphasize the learning goals, and homework assignments include parent-child involvement to reinforce what is learned at school.

The Course of Study is divided into five combined classroom / grade levels: Kindergarten - Grade 1, Grades 2-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8, and Grades 9-12. Through incorporation of salient points in the Parent's Guide and the Teacher Resource Guide, the parent - school partnership is developed. Parents as the primary and first educators of their children are a fundamental part of the format.

Classroom Objectives for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Skills are needed to prevent child sexual abuseThe goals and objectives are intended to keep teachers focused so that children will acquire the skills and techniques needed to identify unsafe situations and to react appropriately and promptly by making the right choices. The Course of Study begins with a Pre-Test and concludes with a Post-Test. It is intended that the results of both tests be discussed with the children to reinforce facts and correct misconceptions or myths about child sexual abuse. At the conclusion of each lesson, summarize with positive reinforcement of lessons to be learned what children should do and what they should not do in order to keep safe.

Children's Curriculum

The Children's Packet contains a variety of activities for completion by the children in the classroom and at home to reinforce the lessons learned. The sheets are easily removed from the packets for distribution at the time each designated activity is taught. Children's Packets should be maintained by the classroom teacher and activity sheets distributed individually to each child at the appropriate time during unit instruction. The pockets inside the covers of the Children's Packets should be used to retain completed activities and homework assignments for each child.

The lessons learned will be learning tools throughout children's lives in the prevention of victimization.



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